Taking a trip by car don't forget about safety measures: tips from experienced motorists, world auto news
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Taking a trip by car don't forget about safety measures

In the heat there is a high probability that a heat radiator can't cope with cooling, so you need to carefully watch over its cleanliness, operable condition of the heat regulator, oil level in the engine and the coolant expansion tank. In addition, in the summer there is also a high probability of brakes overheating and brake fluid boiling. Quite often, driving on mountain spiral roads leads to accidents due to brakes failure. The best thing is not to release the clutch, in other words – to brake with the engine. If the brake fluid has been used for several years, it is better to change it. In a long trip, window curtains are not less important than at the time of driving in the city, as all travelers have to stay a long time in a car in direct sunlight. Besides, make sure that your clothes will be sensible and breathable. The best way to travel with children is in the morning or evening, at the same time you should stop over every two hours so that passengers could stretch their legs a bit. It should be remembered that under no circumstances you shouldn't leave your children locked in the car in the heat. The arrangement of luggage in the car is also important during the long trip. The heaviest and bulky things should be placed on the floor of luggage compartment in the front part. Luggage must be placed compactly to each other. With regard to the protection of the car at the place of staying, then you can use a light car covering for the period of rest on the beach. At the same time, it is worth remembering that if your auto is parked in a place of high humidity, the real “hot frame” can be formed under the covering. Besides wind, blowing the covering, can provoke the appearance of scuff marks on the body paint film. Thus, you should use the covering in case if the car is parked in a quiet place, and in dry weather.