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Measures for safety of car operation in summer

Even if the outside air temperature reaches a mark of +38 ° C, inside it can reach the level of more than 45° C. Whenever possible, in summer the car should be moved into a shaded position, because the plastic parts of dashboard and instrument panel can melt or crack even in a matter of hours of car downtime in the heat. In this particular case the window curtains and reflective screen shield will be also quite effective. You shouldn't leave your car to the temperature sensitive things, such as lighters, spray cans and other bottles containing flammable substances under pressure.

In summer, you should wash your car more often than usual. Theoretically, you need to stop in a car wash at least once a week in order to wash off the dirt, because clean painted surface better reflects the rays of the sun, and the paint will burn out less. In addition, even small local pollution can lead to the fact that the paint on the car will burn out in an uneven manner and the car body will be covered with noticeable spots. The car body can be also processed with more reliable teflon or other nano-coating, which will provide protection for the car for several years.

If your car became hot, then, at first, you need to open the door and give the passenger compartment an airing for some time, after that you can turn on the air conditioning, but slowly and not with full power.