One more portion of information about unusual watercrafts.: tips for young motorists, auto news
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One more portion of information about unusual watercrafts.


SeaRoader Lamborghini Countach

When the first photo of this amphibia got to the internet, no one believed in its existence and all together branded it as photoshop. But then there were one more couple of photos, and all doubts fell away. The author of this upgraded car is Mike Ryan, who has more than one rebuildings of usual cars into amphibious. But this project especially stands out from the other, because the exotic Italian supercar was used as the basis. As a result, the amphibia came off really nice. And at the same time, it isn't very expensive. Mike's amphibia externally is an exact copy of the original supercar, the engine is equally as thoroughbred - 4-litre V12 of 375 hp. To construct this amphibious vehicle wasn't a cheap affair, the glass alone cost $3,007. only one windshield at a cost of AUD $ 4,250. In the water wheels of the vehicle don't fold up under the bottom, they remain in place. Only transmission is converted into the Jet Propulsion mode by pressing one-button.

Sea Lion

Mark Witt, working in the Applied Design company, for 6 years has been sweating over creation of the fastest amphibious car in the world - Sea Lion. His mission is to create an amphibia, which would be more a car like, not a boat and, definitely, to get into the Guinness Book of Records. The “Sea Lion Prototype Amphibious 2012” project was developed from scratch, not borrowing the ready ideas. For example, to reduce the weight of the vehicle, aluminum was used, which was combined by the procedure of TIG welding. The monocoque has centrally welded section, seating up only one person. The interior itself is completely bereft of any convenience - it is bare brushed aluminum. In 2006, a speed record of the amphibia on the road and on the water amounted to 125 mph and 45 mph respectively. Six years later, the speed record on the road remained the same, but on the water the bar has risen to 60 mph. For the moment the Sea Lion uses a rotary engine Mazda RX4 Rotary 13b of the modification of 1974. But the company has no plans to stop there, soon the engine will be replaced by the modern engine Renesis RX-8. Thanks to the front vehicle structure, the car has come to hand the aerodynamic. A modern gearbox will allow it to reach almost 190 mph.

Gibbs Quadski

The company “Gibbs Sports” presented the new quad-amphibian Quadski XL. It differs rom the original model in that, it has a little modernized geometry, as well as a dual seat, not to speak of some changes in the design and functionality of the vehicle. A big air intake is now on the front part, which improves the vehicle operational and cooling efficiency. According to the manufacturer, the amphiquad is now transformed into a boat in about 5 seconds. As well as the original model, the new Quadski XL is equipped with the BMW K1300S engine, which produces 140 hp. The new watercraft is also equipped with the disc brakes and independent suspension. It reaches a top speed of 45 mph on both land and water. The Quadski XL weighs 1440 pounds and is equipped with 12-inch wheels. The manufacturer's price - $ 40 000.