Modern transport for disabled people: review of new cars, auto news for motorists
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Modern transport for disabled people

It is American automobile for people with problems of the locomotor system. Kenguru doesn't use fuel at all, because it is the elektromobile. It's nimble and compact electromobile which can pass on one fully charged battery up to 70 miles with a maximum speed of 30 mph. At the same time the electromobile is so small that two such vehicles can be located at the standart parking space.
Martin Conquest 
This bike is for people who want to change from time to time their wheelchair to something more powerful and fast. Indeed, this vehicle can go at a speed of 95 mph and accelerates from 0-60mph in 8.6 seconds. In addition, people with disabilities can go to Martin Conquest trike directly on the wheelchair and ride it, not getting out of it. For this purpose there is a special motorcycle wheelchair ramp and enough space inside.
All-terrain wheelchair
Most modern wheelchairs can ride only on the smooth surface. They can't  overcome even the slightest obstacles, not speaking about the stairs without ramps and varying terrain. But the Chinese company Chiba Tech has developed a robotic wheelchair - all-terrain vehicle. This unusual vehicle is able to overcome many different obstacles, including curbs, holes in the asphalt, and even small stair flights. This robotic wheelchair literally gets around the problem areas by equipping the chair with four independently powered wheels mounted on five axes.These axes act as a suspension for the wheels, but when the wheels meet an obstacle, a transformation takes place.
Action Trackchair 
Action Trackchair - is another wheelchair-terrain vehicle. After all, not all localities where wheelchair users live, have a good road surface on which they could easily move. But Action Trackchair vehicle can ride even on the most dirty surface and in the worst rainy weather, because this vehicle equipped with chain tracks instead of wheels.
Rio Mobility company has developed an unusual vehicle for people with disabilities who would like to ride quick as the wind, without regard to the functionality of their wheelchairs. Firefly is a special traction motor that can turn a wheelchair into a high-speed vehicle. All you need to do is attach the Firefly to a wheelchair, and this traction motor will turn it into a motorcycle, which is able to accelerate to a speed of 12 mph and pass on a single charge the battery up to 15 miles. Yes, it is electromobile.
Exmovere Chariot 
Not all people with problems in the musculo-skeletal system are ready to look at the world from the bottom-up, from the "height" of their wheelchair. Especially when a lot of opportunities are available for that people who can stand. That's why a vehicle called Exmovere Chariot has appeared. Exmovere Chariot allows people with disabilities to lead a standing way of life, even if they can't get to their feet. This vehicle fastens them at waist height, firmly fixing the lower part of the body, giving the freedom of movement the upper body.
Ferrari Numero UNO
This vehicle with the name Ferrari Numero Uno can become the first-ever sports car for the disabled people. The concept implies a deep integration of Ferrari company with wheelchair. This car is designed only for one passenger. Not only disabled people can use this vehicle, but automobile is designed primarily for them. And driver's seat in the Ferrari Numero UNO vehicle can turn into a wheelchair and vice versa.
Land Rover and Harley Davidson 
British engineer Andrew Wylie has invented several vehicles for elderly and disabled people who can't drive off-roaders and choppers because of their physical abilities, but really want to do that. Travel Ability UK Ltd. company founded by Wiley started to produce wheelchairs, repeating the Land Rover and Harley Davidson style and design. Of course, they look very comically and lightly, but, in fact, even the disabled and elderly people want to ride in the beautiful and original vehicles, but not the same wheelchairs.