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Some interesting information about seat belts

The imperfect seat belts were appeared in the early 20th century, when the first enthusiasts – engineers gingerly tried to hit the skies. In 1913, the French pilot Adolphe Pégoud was able to assign himself with a belt clip to the airplane's seat when he fulfilled a maneuver "loop the loop". There was no sense to put the seatbelts in the first cars of the century, because they were not so much, the speed was minimum so the possibility to get into a traffic accident was very small. The first seat belts for cars were appeared in the thirties, at this time, the mass construction of high-speed road was started. In the 50s, in America so called two-point seat belts have begun to install on the Ford cars, and they looked like the ones that are currently used on the plane passangers seats. However, the three-point belts turned to be more effective, which were invented in Sweden. Our modern automobiles are hard to imagine without this safety devices. Racers now strap themselves with a special five-point belt that firmly presses them to the car. But, this seat belt isn't convenient for ordinary drivers, because it is impossible to reach even the glove compartment. Don't let anything happen to you, be sure to buckle the seat belt, and remember, it can save your life!