The pathway panel which made of solar batteries: tips for motorists on the road, auto news
Credit: / USautoportal
The pathway panel which made of solar batteries

The new bicycle path connects together two settlements in the Amsterdam suburb. Local authorities say that it is here rather than elsewhere the greatest level of activity among the local residents. Every day, about 2,000 cyclists pass along two bike lanes.

Such innovative cover was created on the hack 230 ft long. Amsterdam authorities became the first who constructed the ecological roads, but such delight cost them about three million euros. Solar batteries are carefully protected from external influences with reliable, special glass. The only problem is that the batteries are mounted in the way that sunlight is directed not at the optimum angle on them, that is why they produce 30% less electric energy than standard solar batteries, which are installed on the roofs. At the same time, developers hope that they will be able to lay a road for 100 ft more in 2016, and then the energy will be enough for three private houses.