The common problem of animals-saboteurs entering the cars: global auto news, tips for female drivers
Credit: / USautoportal
The common problem of animals-saboteurs entering the cars

A marten with the nickname Kyra was chosen for the experiment. The study was conducted in a private zoo, and it lasted for about six hours. The marten has never had yet to live in the wild, and she quickly left her cage, having settled in the engine room. Before an experiment was started, the animal had been given time to "get acquainted" with Audi A3 cabriolet automobile in the garage. Kyra managed to get into the engine bay through the plastic protection under the bottom and wheel arches. Accumulator plate has become a favorite place for the marten. The animal seriously damaged the surface and left excrement on it. Upon completion of the research Audi specialists promised to make all possible changes in the automobiles' design. Engineers believe that it is almost impossible to reduce the likelihood of animals entering the engine bay - they can only strengthen the protection of wiring. And also, it is possible that changing of elements in the chemical composition could scare the “crashers” away from the cars.