Very interesting habit of the Apple company's founder Steve Jobs: reviews of car interior and exterior, tips from experienced drivers
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Very interesting habit of Apple company's founder Steve Jobs

The late president of Apple company had one unconventional but very advantageous habit. Semi-annually, he used to change his car on ... exactly the same model, with the same color and technical characteristics. As you know, Jobs run only the Mercedes-Benz SL 55 the AMG automobile with no license plates on it. You will ask - what is the advantage? And here's the thing: the fact is that in California, according to its vehicle laws, you have maximum of 6 months to affix a new number plate to your vehicle. So Jobs made an agreement with a car dealership and according to this agreement, every six months, he would always exchange his cars on the new ones. And the benefit of a car dealership was in that, they could sell “Job's” cars even more expensive than new ones. So it is the win-win situation. Jobs got a new car, and the dealership - sales growth.