Did you know what is the aerography ?: review of used cars, reviews of models of cars
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Did you know what is the aerography ?

The American jeweler Peter Ebner created aerography in 1878, when he had invented a sprayer. It consisted of a sewing needle, a small set of tubes and a homemade compressor. Such car paint coating technique was first in the world. The aerography has become particularly popular in the 90s. It was used for posters painting, it was also spreaded on the race cars and on the sponsor logos. It is nowhere near that simple to create a drawing on the car. There are various factors to be taken into account, such as the type of an automobile, its form, design and color. The main factor of the aerography distinction is a color that serves as the background. When an automobile color is used for the main background and the drawing is made by one or more contrasting paints - it is called a monochrome aerography. It is needed to hide the defects, if they are any. If a master matches the paint color properly, the monochrome image will perfectly mask scratches, besides it will provide a car with rust protection. There are several styles of aerography. The upmost is lightful aerography. Very beautiful compositions are created by means of luminous color . An experienced artist will draw the aerography double effect, and then, you will see one unusual image at the day, and at night it will be completely another unique drawing. There are also the other styles as pseudo-aerography, 3D aerography etc. Each

style of aerography requires talent, creativity and master's experience.