National peculiarities of motorists in the traffic regulations.: review of trucks, review of the market of passenger cars
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National peculiarities of motorists in the traffic regulations.

1. Infringe a rule? Well, pay up! Traffic police in Finland are interested not only in the fact of infringement, but also in the infringer's income. The fact is that the amount of the fine on local roads depends on the driver's well-being. For example, a fine of 170 thousand euros was given to the driver, whose annual income was made about 7 million euros.

2. Drunk means innocent. While the worldwide drunk driving is forbidden and punishable by the law, in Uruguay the drunken state is regarded as a mitigating circumstance in case of road accident. And really what can you expect of him?

3. No entry. But in some city Zermatt in Switzerland people know only from hearsay about the emissions and the high price of gasoline. The fact is that an entry to this city is closed for automobiles with exhausts. You can use only bike, the cart with a horse or an electric car.

4. Italian driving fashion. All of you have heard about the emotionality of the Italians, which, of course, applies to drivers. And so their active gestures and irrepressible character simply don't allow hot Italian drivers to use seat belt according to its intended purpose. But they, of course, came up with a solution: drivers passionately loved the shirts and jackets painted with a seat belt.

5. A toilet on the wheels - something like this the law, allowing residents and visitors of the UK to defecate in a public place can be dubbed. But there is only one condition: it must be done on your car - or rather, on the rear wheel, and the right hand at the same time should be on the car. Of course, the law applies only to men.

6. Pedestrian crossing. The problem of the koalas disappearance in the wild nature was very relevant at one time in Australia. The fact is that the drivers simply overlooked the animals crossing the road in the night time. That is why it was decided to build kind of crossing bridges to prevent the koalas deaths: between the eucalyptus trees on both sides of the road the vines were stretched. The accident risk was reduced at times, and now no worries about marsupials here.