Marvellous homemade cars from around the world: auto news, reviews of models of cars
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Marvellous homemade cars from around the world

Black Crow - is a perfect car for the steppe. It's fast, powerful and easy-to-use. This unusual SUV was made from the scratch by the enthusiast from Karaganda. The car has a 5-L Oldsmobile’s V8 engine producing 170 horsepowers, thanks to which the car can accelerate to the speed of 60 mph driving on broken terrain and off-road conditions.

Angkor 333 - is the first completely electric car, created in the Kingdom of Cambodia. It is surprising that this car is not the result of the automotive industry development in the country, it’s a private project of one humble mechanic from Phnom Penh. The Angkor 333 creator is dreaming that in the future he will open its own factory for mass production of both electric and petrol variants of the car.

Fans of Batman films from all the world dream about Batmobile - a splendid superhero car, possessing a set of various features that are not available in the usual serial cars. And an engineer Lee Weilei from Shanghai decided to realize his dream with his own hands. He created the real Batmobile. Chinese spent less than 10 thousand dollars. The Shanghai Batmobile, of course, doesn’t have ten different kinds of weapons and doesn’t travel at the speed of 300 mph, but it totally looks like Batman’s car, shown in the last films about this character.

It is the real car for Formula 1 races which costs a lot of money, specifically more than a million dollars. So that, there are no such cars in the private ownership, at least, its official variants. But craftsmen from around the world create copies of race cars with their own hands. One of such enthusiasts is Bosnian engineer Miso Kuzmanovic, who spent 25 thousand euros for the creation of a street car in the style of Formula 1. As a result, he has got an incredibly beautiful car with 150 horsepowers that can accelerate to 150mph. Driving around on this red car through the streets of the city, Kuzmanovic was given the nickname "Bosnian Schumacher".

Chinese farmer Old Guo since childhood was fond of mechanics, but he spent the whole life as a farmer. However, after the fiftieth anniversary, he decided to follow a dream and started to develop his own production car, which was named in honor of the inventor - Old Guo. Old Guo is a compact copy of the Lamborghini, intended for the children audience. But this is not a toy car, it is a real car with an electric motor that can pass on a single charge battery to 40 miles. The cost of one copy of Old Guo car is 5,000 yuans ( little less than 500 US dollars).

Alexander Chupilin is an inhabitant of Kiev, who together with his son assembled their own SUV from the spare parts of other automobiles, they called it “Bizon”. The Ukrainian enthusiasts have got a huge vehicle with 4-L engine producing 137 horsepowers. Bizon can accelerate to 80 mph. Fuel consumption in the combined mode is 15 liters per 60 miles. There are three rows of seats inside the SUV, where nine people can be placed. Interestingly that Bizon has the roof which is integrated with folding tent for the overnight halt in the field.

Construction set LEGO is so versatile building material that it's possible to construct even a perfectly working vehicle. The Super Awesome Micro Project was conceived and invented by Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida. They have built which can be powered by the 256-piston air motor, accelerating thus to the speed of 20 mph. The cost of vehicle creation was made a little more than 1 thousand dollars and most of the money went on the purchase of more than half a million LEGO construction details.

Each year, Shell company organizes special races among the automobiles powered by alternative fuel sources. And in 2012 a group of students from Aston University in Birmingeme won the competition. The students created a vehicle of plywood and cardboard, equipped with a hydrogen engine, producing water vapor instead of exhaust gases.

The construction of cheap copies of well-known expensive cars is the certain line of the home-made cars creation. For example, 24-year-old Kazakh engineer Ruslan Mukanov built a visual copy of the legendary limousine Rolls Royce Phantom. Mukanov managed to build the car for only three thousand of euros, while prices on the real Rolls Royce Phantom start from half a million euros. However, his car is visually almost indistinguishable from the original one.

Most of homemade cars creators are inspired to improve the visual and technical component. American racer and engineer SpeedyCop went off of opposite principles. He wanted to worsen the appearance of his vehicle, having turned it into something incredibly ridiculous. And there was a car called Upside Down Camaro. The Upside Down Camaro is Chevrolet Camaro of 1999s with upside body. The car was created for parody races 24 Hours of LeMons, where only cars with a value of 500$ can take part.