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The best car colors: how to choose the right one

Some people like the light colors and can't stand the dark ones, but there are also people who can't imagine themselves at the wheel of light color car. And it's just a fact that opinions differ.

So, white color has the highest energy level. It reflects all colors. As a rule its owners are honest and fair. The owners of white cars are usually calm and obey traffic regulations. There is a very common but mistaken belief that white cars become dirty more quickly than the cars of other colors. In fact it is not true. White car looks cleaner than the others, even when it is dusty and unwashed for a long period.

Black color symbolizes confidence and materiality. It calls for stability, adherence to principles, insistence and ambition.

If you have a sedate calm temper, grey color of the car will give you vivacity and energy.

Green color is a symbol of comfort, serenity and balance. The owner of the green car is judicious, unhurried in decision-making, wise person.

Bright green color - women-only, relaxed, soft and calm color, which symbolizes hope and pursuance of eternity.

Blue is a color of peace and supreme harmony, which symbolizes inner confidence, interest in philosophical issues, traditionalism, and speaks of elegance and high position in society.

Pale-blue. This color carries smooth calmness and serenity, it destresses and relieves emotional tension. Naive, shy people, romantics always choose this color. As a rule, they are honest and intelligent people. Especially harmonically, this color looks on the brands with a rounded body and smooth lines (Opel Corsa, Peugeot 206, BMW 1ER).

Yellow is a color of the sun, full of optimism and vitality, concealing extraordinary mental abilities, openness, sociability and desire to escape from the close space. The yellow color is especially popular with micro cars and cars of middle class (Peugeot), less frequently (Volvo) etc.

Lemon color, on the contrary, symbolizes diffidence and caution, fans of lemon color are incline to cunning. Cars that are painted in this color seem gentle and sophisticated.

Orange color is a symbol of physical inactivity and an active mind. The desire for renewal and tendency to imagination on the general background of carelessness make a romantic touch.

Red is a color of supercars (Ferrari f.e.). Drivers, who have red cars are usually reckless, brash and self-confident. For adherents of the bright red color dynamism, willpower, courage and brutality are typically.

Claret color symbolizes power, passion, intensity, perfectionism, tendency to threats and repression.

Purple is a magical color that symbolizes ambiguity, gloom and internal contradictions.

Pink. Such automobiles are very rare, they are made to order. Pink car is something distinguishing, extraordinary and pricy. So that the owners of these "toys" are rather carefree, kind people with a good sense of humor.

Turquoise color characterizes dreamy, secretive, internally emotional person. At the same time, it’s a cold and changeable person who tends to isolation.

Brown color is preferred by people with superpractical character, they are nonconformists. People often buy the cars of this color because they are less subject to the thefts.

Recently, a peak of popularity falls at silver(metallic) color, especially it is popular among the owners of Japanese used cars. However, initially, the color was associated with sport Mercedes (Silver Arrow), and now it is closely connected with the “techno” style. According to American leading manufacturer «PPG Industries», in 2003, cars of black and blue colors were presented in amount of 13% and 11%, respectively, red - 10%, green - 7%, and all others - 4%.

According to analysts, silver color soon will be complemented with shades of blue and gold colors, also new shiny colors will appear. Cars of the future will also have a special paint that will be able to change its color depending on the viewing angle.

The British, French and New Zealand scientists have found quite natural fact that the frequency of accidents depends on the color of the car. Scientists came to such conclusion, studying personal records of more than 500 drivers who got into accident (considering also other reasons of accidents, and not just color of a car). The owners of silver (metallic color) cars are least of all at risk and cars of white colors are slightly more at risk. The most dangerous colors are : black, dark grey, green, and especially - brown color (cars of these colors merge with the environment and in conditions of poor visibility they literally disappear from the road). There is a special table with the level of individual colors activity, showing that the most popular car colors don't always coincide with the colors of better vision. But we will not go deep into specific statistics. If you have another, your own approach and you decide to buy the most practical, safe car, basing not only on its technical characteristics, but minding also the safety considerations, among which color plays an important role, our information may be very useful for you.