One more piece of information about the most bizzare names for vehicles: review of the market of passenger cars, review of the market of used cars
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One more piece of information about the most bizzare names for vehicles

Mercury Mistake (Mercury Mystique)

For the Ford company the Mercury model was like nonhealing wound, as it never brought the expected profits. Mercury Mystique was a small sedan, presented in North America in 1995. It was the same Ford Mondeo model, but with a different logo on the hood. This model was in the market prior to 2000, when is was, luckily, abandoned and forgotten. This car is known as the Mistake (error) model. Apparently, the name is based on the consonance of words mystique and mistake. The car was smaller than most of its competitors, and the quality of the vehicle was always under suspicion. Over the years, the model was revoked time and again, plus its interior was incredibly noisy. The only benefit of Mercury was its surprisingly sportier temper.

Chevrolet Cadavalier (Chevrolet Cavalier).

The small car was introduced at the beginning of the 1980s. Despite the long-term operation, the car was remained terribly uncompetitive, especially in the later years of its existence; rivals continued to improve, while for boring Cadavalier model (cadaver - dead body, cavalier – knight, rider) period of complete stagnation was came. The only thing this model has succeeded was the loss of customers who prefered the more modern and reliable automobiles such as Toyota and Honda.

Ford Rustang (Ford Mustang)

Ford Mustang is a cornerstone of American culture, along with Elvis, the Statue of Liberty and McDonalds. This sport two-door automobile all alone has opened the pony cars segment, class of cars that combine the productiveness, youth style and attractive price. But the Ford warhorse hasn't always had a resounding success. The exaggerated version of the beginning of the 1970s, the luckless Mustang II, has tarnished the reputation of this model and has got the humiliating name - Rustang (rust).

Chrysler PT Loser (Chrysler PT Cruiser)

Chrysler PT Cruiser with retro theme was something like sensation in the early 2000s. Stylish, space-efficient and consumer grade it was liked by potential buyers. With the success of this model, Chrysler engineers several years later offered even wider choice, providing the GT model with turbo and convertible models. But accessibility and usability became the main characteristics of other, more attractive models, and soon the model has got the name “Loser”.

Ford Exploder (Ford Explorer)

And finally, one more vehicle of Ford production . This mid-size SUV was extremely popular in the 1990s; the company has sold millions of these automobiles based on the Ranger model, at the peak of popularity of SUVs. Of course, the modern model has more subtle dynamics and greater efficiency. However, this SUV in its time has dubbed a quite bad name. Do you remember the scandal with Firestone tires? It is the manufacturing company of tires, which were used for the Ford Explorer, and had one unpleasant feature. They exploded. Of course, the problem was resolved but the reputation was undermined and this model has got the name - Exploder (fuse, detonator).