Top list of most unusual names for vehicles: reviews and test drives of cars, tips for motorists about auto tuning
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Top list of most unusual names for vehicles

Pontiac GTO

Without a doubt, Pontiac GTO is one of the most emblematic cars of the glorious 1960-70 years. This is a mid-size two-door car with a rear-wheel drive, made in sport style, which hid a “muscular” V-8 engine under its hood. But on top of that the car had a very unusual name. It was two names, to be exact. Undoubtedly, the most bizarre moniker was the Goat (goat), formed from three-letter anagram of its name, and the most beautiful - The Great One, which was also based on the three-letter name of the model. But today it doesn't matter. The legendary GTO continues to live in our hearts, and this is the highest achievement for the carVolkswagen Bug

(Volkswagen Beetle) Not every vehicle can boast of such fame and recognition as the Volkswagen Beetle. This round fuel efficient car is popular as far as it can only be in the automobile world. One of its distinguishing features is that it doesn't die, and it is simply imppossible to get rid of it. It is athe most longest-running and profitable production model in the history of car existence. Age of this car goes back to Nazi Germany era preceding the Second World War. Throughout its existence the Volkswagen Beetle was named Bug (Beetle). Fortunately for automobilists and for fans of pop culture, the beetle has not been crushed yet and it can hardly ever happen.

Ford Tin Lizzie (Model T)

The respectable T model of the Ford company literally put the world on wheels. It was the first truly affordable car of mass production. This meant that it was within reach of the person moderate means of those times. The car was cheap, durable and the number of T models exceeded the number of sand grains on the beach. After a while, this one of the most important cars in history has been called as Tin Lizzie. In the period from 1908 to 1927 the 15 million cars of this model were constructed!

Toyota Taco (Toyota Tacoma)

Are you hungry? No? Then you will be. The small pickup of the Toyota Tacoma company was dubbed the name that makes a good trencher-man to whet an appetite. Taco (Taco - a traditional dish of Mexican cuisine)has been providing reliable services to hundreds of thousands its owners within many decades. Apparently, the dubbed name is simply a short version of the full name, but, nevertheless, it makes us smiling, and makes our stomachs growling.

Pontiac Screaming Chicken (Pontiac Firebird)

Is there a car that would express the spirit of the 1980s better than the Pontiac Firebird. This sport model was introduced in the late 1960's and shared the F-body with the Chevrolet Camaro. However, this car has come "for a time" only one and half decade later. The car was named Screaming Chicken because a buyer could get a giant sticker on the hood in the form of "fighting rooster".