Tips about how to pick the right car food pad: review of the market of used cars, review of trucks
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Tips about how to pick the right car food pad

There are a lot of general car foot pads in the market, which are suitable to any car and created just for "a model." Universal foot pads have some drawbacks - they need to be changed often, they won't serve you for a long time. Also, these models don't have the borders. In addition,pads that are not intended for your car may not fit, even if you cut them neatly. Car foot pads that are created for "a model" can be divided into original and simple. Original pads are textile and rubber. They are produced abroad, for European cars and not suited to the domestic models. Rubber food pads are usually made of high quality material, and often without borders. Original car foot pads are more expensive than general ones. Original shaggy pads are fitted with rubber spikes and able to absorb the moisture. The somple pads are: textile, rubber and polyurethane. The car rubber foot pads cost a low price, so a driver with any means can buy it.The rubber pads have high borders. The minuses: poor flexibility, heavy weight and one more thing - they saves unpleasant odors for long. Polyurethane pads clearly follow the floor shape, they are handy with high borders, their weight is several times smaller than the rubber, they have no odor, they don't become hard in the cold and are resistant to wiping. As we can see such pads have a lot of advantages but they also have disadvantage too - the high price. Textile pads are beautiful, they well absorb the moisture, they are easy to take out, and will cost you not too much. As experience shows they can easily tolerate the cold and are well washed from the dirt. Anyway, buying a car foot pad it is best to consult the specialists which will help you to make the right choice.