Best windscreen wipers buying guide: auto news, tips from experienced motorists
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Best windscreen wipers buying guide

Windscreen wipers should be selected with great care. Usually, a car is equipped with two front wipers, but there are modern models where more wipers are provided. If the rear wipers are also installed in a car, don’t ignore them, because in difficult weather conditions they will provide the driver with more clearer visibility. An important sign of properly working wipers is a glass area which wipers are able to clear from the rain, mud and snow, but it is silly to think that in order to achieve the desired effect it is simply enough to have the wipers of a maximum length. You should test your new system in advance, make sure that switched wipers don't cling to each other. Classical system which consists of several wipers of equal length, is made now more complicated, the wiper from the driver's side is more longer than from the passenger seat side so this creates a large cleaning area.There are also several types of wipers. Frame wipers- its effectiveness is based on the fact that the rubber surface tightly adjoinsto the windshield, so you can clean even the most great dirt. Frameless wipers are practically noiseless, have no distortions and are resistant to icing. Hybrid wipers are a combination of two classical types advantages. As for the wipers fixation, the most common type, which can be purchased at any auto shop is a hook. If you want to buy other types, contact specialized stores. There are some types of fixation as a bayonet, it is suitable to French car models, and a wide hook, a side clip, a knob or a side dowel pin are well suited to American models.To define the reliability of wipers externally only is almost impossible, it is clear that wipers of high quality have a similar form, there are no cracks in the rubber surfaces. Some wipers have even wear sensor and spoilers. You should know that qualitative wipers together with a good washer create a perfect visibility to a driver ans so prevent the accidents, so you should spare no expense for qualitative wipers.