Automobile dry wash: you can clean your car without water: review of prices for cars, tips from experienced drivers
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Automobile dry wash: you can clean your car without water

Today, auto online stores offer a range of various means of cleaning agents for car body surface dry wash. But, in most cases, their use is allowed only at above-zero temperature outside. Today, however, modern technologies are in position to allow you a first-class car care, even in sub-zero temperatures. An application instruction of the dry auto shampoo is extremely simple and is described in detail on each label. Shake and apply. Each bottle has a dispenser for maximum convenience. Car Wash can be more comfortable, if in addition to the car shampoo you will buy special microfiber napkins. Their peculiarity is that thanks to its nappiness they provide not only the purity, but the car body shine as well. You won't find neither scratches, nor streaks after their application. Be sure to wear rubber gloves before the application, because the shampoo and polish don't spare both dust and skin. You should start the process of dry cleaning from the roof. Here everything is simple: shook up and sprayed the bottle content. Now wipe all out with a microfiber napkin. Experienced motorists advise do it in one direction. Then dirt is not spreaded. After all dirt is remained on a napkin start to polish the car body. In this part of cleaning pay your attention to the fact that a polish unlike shampoo should be applied on the napkin only, not on the body.

Advantages of dry car wash: 1. There is no mechanical effect on the automobile paint film. 2. This way of cleaning takes much less time. 3. It's possible to wash your car from dirt directly near the house. 4. Such method perfectly removes dust, bird droppings, splashes of bitumen, etc., the same can't be said for the standard method of washing. 5. Waterless wash will be more cheaper than usual one. One bottle of spray will be enough for several times usage.

Disadvantages of dry car wash: 1. This method of cleaning is not suitable for the removal of dirt from the wheel arches, disks and underbody. 2. Applying the shampoo-polish, it's necessary to use the protectants for hands. The waterless car wash - it is an excellent choice for a reasonable price!