What do you need to know about brakes: world auto news, tips for motorists on the road
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What do you need to know about brakes

The main function of the braking system - to cause a friction in the "pads rotors system." Brake pads are the plates made of steel. A friction material is placed on their surface. It creates friction with the surface of the disks connected to the drive axle of the car. Pressing the brake pedal a force is distributed to the pads, they perform pressure on the brake disks.As a result, produced friction leads to a reduction of car speed and completely stopping it. The wear of pad surface is a result of constant friction. This has a very serious impact on the car braking efficiency. Periodically it is necessary to check the brake pads to avoid the problems that are caused by malfunction of the braking system. Brake squeak is the most obvious sign that the brake pad wear has occurred. If the car pedals aren't fixed, they can tremble so if you hear some noise then it's time to change the brakes. Many cars have wheel rims made of such alloys, which make it possible to see pad condition, without the removal of the car tires. You need to look at the wear of the friction material. When severe wear is happened , it is able to leave the grooves on the disk. If the grooves on the rotor surface are quite deep, it is necessary to replace the brake disk as well. The lifetime of pads depends on many factors, such as the composition of the alloy, which friction materials were used, vehicle weight, driving style. Frequent use of brakes leads to the faster wear.