Some information you should know taking a long term trip: the hottest auto news, tips for drivers
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Some information you should know taking a long term trip

Set the time limit before your trip, to know how much time do you spend behind the wheel. A trip shouldn't take more than 10-12 hours a day, and it is better not to travel at night. Purchase a spare battery for your cell phone and car charger for it before your travel. Believe sometimes fully charged spare battery may help you on a loansome road, in case your car isn't started, and the cell phone is dead. Making a trip, take the second pair of shoes with you. Driving in the summer, many of us put the flips on, without thinking about safety or possible emergencies which may happen. Just imagine how you will be going in the flips on a dirt road in searching for help in case of your vehicle will be broken. Besides, remember that the flips are very often become the cause of accidents on the road, because they have a property to slip off from the pedals. Travelling, also take with you three torches of different size and new batteries. Despite the fact that we don't recommend you to drive at night, the torches can be useful in case of unexpected circumstances. Different sizes of torches can be useful not only for lighting the car. Food reserve also would not be out of place, even if you don't plan to travel for a long period. When you will choose a food, you can count on carbs and proteins, which will produce you enough energy even with a limited set of products. Also, don't forget to supply with a drinking water.