The British bio-bus which is powered by the waste products: short tips for motorists, latest auto news
Credit: / USautoportal
The British bio-bus which is powered by the waste products

The bus goes between Bath and Bristol cities. British scientists called their invention as Bio-Bus. The inventors say that it will take the annual amount of waste from five people to fill a tank. One tank is enough for 190 miles. At the time of biological fuel combustion there is less of carbon dioxide is emitted than at the time of diesel fuel combustion. The bus has 40 seats, ten thousand people monthly use this route . "This bus can serve as proof that the remnants of food and sewage sludges in fact are valuable energy resources. We shouldn't throw away a food which is spoiled, it is better to collect and handle it into fuel"- the head of the company say. Alternative energy sources are very popular in Western Europe, in Britain alone about 9,000 houses are heated by the waste products.