Another appealing facts from auto history you may like: useful tips for motorists, review of the auto market
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Another appealing facts from auto history you may like

1. The problems of traffic congestion and lack of space for parking were happened to be as early as in... ancient Rome. And the first one who took care about that, was Julius Caesar. Few people know that it was Julius Caesar who made traffic rules. For all its imperfection, they had already included a number of provisions that are used now. So, the one-way streets were introduced to prevent the congestion. In addition, the wheeled traffic was forbidden by Ceaser from sunrise until the end of "working day". Even more severe restrictions were applied in regard to nonresident owners of any kind vehicles, who were obliged to leave them outside the city, and could move down the streets on foot only or go by a “cab”( i.e palanquins).


2. The exhaust gases of Aston Martin Vantage car, in “forsage mode”, can be heard 4 mi away at the highest engine rotational rates, about 7000 rpm.


3. The longest travel was made by the Americans Charles Creighton and James Hargis by the car, driving in reverse. They drove from New York to Los Angeles and back more than 6800 thousand miles.


4. In 1928, an American Allen Swift received a graduation present from his father - Rolls-Royce Piccadilly P1 Roadster car. He had been driving it until he died. The period of owning by this car amounts to 82 years.


5. The most heavy speeding fine was written to a Swedish citizen. Taking into account roadhog's speed of an automobile ( 180 mph) and revenue, the penalty exceeded $ 1 million.


6. The largest traffic jam was recorded in 2010 on the 110th Chinese highway, when the drivers spent for 5 days to pass through a crowded road section. The jam lasted lasted for almost two weeks, from 14th to 25th August.


7.The most crowded roads are in Europe, especially in Luxembourg, where 1,000 people accounts for 570 cars.


8. The heir to the Britain throne, Prince Charles converted his car fleet on biodiesel fuel in 2008. Now almost all of his cars run on fuel made of cooking oil, processed after its use. Another automobile, the 38-year-old Aston Martin classic car run on biodiesel fuel distilled from wine.


9. 16 people were fitted in a small, compact smart car in 2010 year. And previous generation Smart car (2002 year) managed to fit 18 people. In 1969, 34 people fitted in VW Beetle car, and 42 people in Jaguar XJ6 in 1984.


10.There are cans with village dirt for sale in England for offroader owners which never leave a city, but want to warrant their primary usage. By the way, only English Queen is allowed to drive a car without a license.