The strongest off-roader  in the world: tips for female drivers, tips from experienced drivers
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The strongest off-roader in the world

Initially the vehicle was created for transport column cortege and infantry units transportation. Now everyone can buy it, because most countries in Africa are living in criminalized society, and armored vehicle is used by people who need protection from killers or the other dangerous people. Serial production is located in Jordan, and the development - in South Africa. The Marauder weights up to 15 t, has 290-brake horsepower engine with 1,100 newton meters of torque;it has operational range of 435 mi; its top speed makes 75 mph. This vehicle doesn't afraid of any contact with missiles or mines. It can crush other cars without any difficulty and smash through brick walls. For the last test, Richard Hammond exploded Hummer and Marauder, imitating the run of cars on high-explosive mines. The result was impressive: Hummer was completely destroyed while as Marauder, having insignificant damages, just left the explosion site in the sun. The executive chairman of the company Ivor Ichikowitz said: “We allowed Hammond to do with the off-roader whatever he wanted, and the Marauder has passed all the tests with dignity”.


10 facts about Marauder

1. It can serve as an infantry patrol vehicle, as a command center, and as medical ambulance depending on configuration ;

2. It can travel 310 mi furher on, if you set up the auxiliary fuel tank;

3. The vehicle can withstand 31 lbs of explosives under the wheels on the road and 15 lbs of explosives attached to its hull;

4. It has the ultra modern system of climate control;

5. It can be said that vehicle can even swim and has fording ability in a half of its height;

6. It has the shot-proof tire inserts;

7. Weighing 15 tons it can transport up to 18 tons of cargo;

8. It can be equipped with a bomb jammer;

9. It has anti blast seats, protecting soldiers from roadside bombs and rocket attacks;

10. With a maximum speed of 75 mph, this vehicle is not as slow as a tortoise.