They are small, compact and uncommon: review of new cars, useful tips for motorists
Credit: / USautoportal
They are small, compact and uncommon

1. Tata AIRPOD — air-contolled city automobile

Indian Tata company announced the fast start of Tata AIRPOD cars mass production which will be operated on the air basis. That means these small vehicles will be powered by means of the compressed air, pumped in the tank of 175 L. It is enough for 125 mi of driving with the maximum speed of 40 mph.


2. Twike – the "frivolous" city car

The word "hybrid" we usually use when we want to say about something mixed, so the car which has the motor, combining an internal combustion engine and the electric motor fall under this meaning. And here the car “Twike”, which can move both the electric motor and the power of human legs. This vehicle is compact, light and economical (as it can drive 300 miles in just 3 dollars ).


3. Eco-E - the cheapest electric car in the world

Modern electric cars often cost more expensive, than their gasoline or diesel friends. However, this formula may be changed very soon. Сonfirmation of this view comes from the Eco-E car production, this car is destined to become the cheapest electric car in the world. It can accelerate to the speed of 25 mph, and drive to 40 mi at a single charge of the battery. The price for such a great delight is 9,995 $. And, this price, is expected to be further reduced soon.


4. Tata Pixel - the city car of a premium class

Tata Pixel has gathered together all the best that the other modern cars have. It is compact, economical and thus can be powered by the cell phone or tablet PC control. The start of the Tata Pixel mass production is planned soon.


5. T.25 — the car which is able to turn around in-place

T.25 — it is one of the most compact and superordinary electric cars in the world! Its main feature is that it can turn around its pivot-center. Thanks to this, three such cars can be placed in one standard parking space.


6. Chinese farmer from Beijing built a unique car powered by the wind.

It took three months to construct and design the car, which measures 3 ft high and 10 ft long, Tang Zhengping said. The car operates on batteries and electric generators, which are charged by a large fan in the front and two solar batteries installed behind in the form of "wings". Tang Zhengping claims that his invention is better, than the modern electric cars gaining popularity as they can move faster and run longer on a single charge. The car speeds up to nearly 90 mph, and lasts longer, than cars which don't have generators.Two sets of batteries are charged from generators in turn: while one works, the second saves a charge. Thus, the batteries are needed to be recharged every two or three days.


7. Californian car showroom Pebble Beach presented the car designed by Edsel Ford, the son of the company founder. At that time the design of the car was the basis for the legendary Lincoln Continental model, and Edsel had been storing the pilot model until he died. Now 77-year Edsel Ford’s 1934 Model 40 Special Speedster is restored by the Edsel Ford II to return its completely original form.


9. Porcelain car.

If you don't have a porcelain ware or a porcelain model of car in your collection, there is Bugatti Veyron "L'Or Blanc" - just the one for you! Fantastically fast car decorated with a real porcelain is for sale $ 2'400'000. The legendary car manufacturing company Bugatti generated Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport model which reaches the speed over 250 mph — made very peculiar advertising trick. The company together with the German Königliche “Porzellan-Manufaktur” company, the maker of exclusive ceramic ware for the richest people, created Bugatti Veyron "L'Or Blanc" ("white gold"). The car is released in a single copy and differs from the co-brothers by its body, which is decorated with interesting wavy inserts made of snow-white porcelain. It's not recommended to meet even a minor accident for owner of this car: unlike steel or aluminum sheets, porcelain material very badly bends, so the auto body repair will be very difficult (specifically impossible) task! The selling price of the car makes $2,4 million, but it is possible to expect that the Chinese chryso-aristocracy who have an eye for a good porcelain will get it for a much more significant sum.