The oldest car in the world: short tips for motorists, useful tips for motorists
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The oldest car in the world

This car was sold for 4 million 620 thousand dollars at auction, according to Bloomberg. The car, named La Marquise, achieved a record price for rare vehicles. The rare car was put up for auction by the American RM Auctions auction house. Auction organizers expected somewhere for US $ 2-2.5 million. The auction house didn't reveal the name of La Marquise buyer, who became the fifth owner of this car throughout its history.The first owner of La Marquise was a French aristocrat, Count de Dion, who took part in its creation.In 1906 year de Dion sold the car to the French officer - Henri Doriolyu (Henri Doriol), whose family has owned La Marquise until 1987 year. The next owner was the British club of classic cars member, Tim Moore (Tim Moore), who reconstructed the car and got it into working trim. In 2007, La Marquise was sold to a John O'Quinn (John O'Quinn), collector from Texas, who payed 3.63 million dollars for it, as it was reported. La Marquise was put up to auction by the O'Quinn inheritors, who died in 2009 year.