Flying car will release you from the traffic jams: reviews and test drives of cars, tips for female drivers
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Flying car will release you from the traffic jams

The PAL-V ONE is a slim and streamlined three-wheeled vehicle, which provides the driver comfort and compactness, easily parking in tight spaces with agility of a motorcycle thanks to its gyroscopes and ‘tilting’ system. If there is a need, driver can transform vehicle to gyroplane. It can use very small flight strip( it requires a 540ft runway for take-offs and for landing, the vehicle needs just 100 ft.). Thre PAL-V ONE is designed for use at low altitude below 4 000 ft. the airspace according to rules of Visual Flight Rules (VFR). So far as it won't create an interference to commercial aviation, it can be used in Europe and you will need just the license of sport pilot. The PAL-V ONE gyroplane is powered by a gasoline aircraft engine (there will be a diesel version and the model with the bioethanol engine). As the designers of the vehicle say, the main problem was in the developing of reliable propeller contolling mechanism, but this difficulty was solved by the engineers and consultants from various European universities. As a result of their labors, the transformation of PAL-V ONE from gyroplane to automobile takes about 10 minutes just with a press of a button. Moving in the auto mode, PAL-V ONE can reach speeds up to 112 mph and goes from 0 to 60 in 8 seconds. The maximum speed is 112 mph both in the air and on the road. The combined fuel consumption is 3 gal per 62 mph at fuel distance of 746 mi. The minimum flight speed is 35 mph, flying range is 220 - 310 mi with a disposable load of 507 lbs.

Thanks to the low speed, PAL-V ONE is safer and less noisy than the other helicopters, which is also an advantage, because there are serious limitations in this respect in many countries. In addition, the aircraft can be safely landed in autorotating mode, even if the engine fails. The innovation is designed by European PAL-V Europe NV company. Existing since 2001 year, it showed its first prototype in 2005 year, and this year it has been starting a limited production.