Chinese and his creation - hot hommade supercar: review of new cars, world auto news
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Chinese and his creation - hot hommade supercar

Chinese worker all his life was dreaming of a supercar and once, he realized that the only way to get it - live out a dream. However, a sport car, which he built, differs unless by the peculiar design, as its characteristics are far from the word "super". The 27-year-old employee of a glass factory in the Chinese province of Hainan named Chen Yinxi decided to achieve an ambition, by means of glass fibre mat, roll bar and a small electric motor. He presented somenting that weighs a bit, but the infirm motor is only enough to reach a maximum speed of just 25 mph. Nevertheless, the construction is extremely budgetary. To realize his dream, the Chinese paid sum equivalent to five thousand dollars. In addition, the developer managed to make a very unusual design of his car. Unfortunately, Chen Yinxi will never be able to drive out his creation on Chinese roads. Local authorities simply won't give him permission to do that: first, only the state certified companies can manufacture the cars in this country, secondly, a"supercar" from the Hainan province clearly doesn't meet many safety requirement.