The new Swiss concept in auto world: latest auto news, review of new cars
Credit: / USautoportal
The new Swiss concept in auto world

The Swiss Rinspeed company has come up with a prototype of an autonomous car a short while ago. The latest thing has several distinctive features from competitors. At the time of putting the system in autonomous mode the steering wheel folds itself up into the dash panel. The prototype has another feature. The car is equipped with its own personal drone. The car tracking device is placed on a special platform. The platform was equipped at the rear part of the prototype. The drone makes photos and video after rising in the air of the driving car. It can also inform the autonomous car on-board system about the traffic situation. This concept of drone which can correct the car movement is quite extraordinary. In this case, the quality of the receieved information by the car on-board system will greatly improve. This will allow your computer more accurately and timely process the data about road pavement, obstructions and other cars on the road. Swiss self-driving car prototype was named “Etos”. The car will be shown at the US Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The developers will perform laboratory and road testing of the prototype up to this point. The Etos software is planned to improve.

According to the Rinspeed team of engineers and developers Etos will be able to move on public roads without a driver. The navigation system will be with intuitive control, self-adapting and taught. When put into autonomous mode, the steering wheel won't be required, it folds itself up and recedes into the dash panel. At the same time multimedia displays will protract closer to the driver and passenger on the contrary.

Unfortunately, the Rinspeed employees don't reveal the tech specifications of the concept. It is only known that Etos is a hybrid car. The Harman multimedia equipment is installed in the prototype. This system allows to activate a"smart" mode.