How our car toxic components affect us: review of the market of passenger cars, global auto news
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How our car toxic components affect us

The most harmful substabces are carbonic and nitrogen oxide (CO, NO), hydrocarbons (formaldehyde, benzapyrene, carbolic acid) and heavy metals.

Сarbonic oxide (or carbon monoxide) has neither color, nor smell, so a person can't feel it in the air, even at lethal concentrations. However, carbonic oxide very seldom reaches the level which will be dangerous for life. The danger of carbonic oxide in the other: this compound "prevents" the blood protein hemoglobin to transfer an oxygen through the organs and body tissues. As a result the oxygen deprivation may happen, and first of all the brain will be in pain. At mild poisoning there are headache, heaviness in the head, weakness, dizziness, nausea, vomit observed. In the more severe cases people may even lose their consciousness.

The nitrogen oxides are no less dangerous, they are the main cause of smog on busy highways. They irritate the breathing organs and eyes, may be cause of chronic lung disease. Hydrocarbons, especially benzapyrene and etc., are the carcinogens, i.e. substances that may cause a cancer.

Substances disengaged by car tires are hazardous for life

The tires disengage a strong concentration of toxic substances during hard braking : benzol, dimethylbenzene, styrene, toluene; carbon sulphur, formaldehyde and carbolic acids; sulfur oxides. At the time of tire scrubbing against the asphalt, the nitroso compounds are formed, which are poweful carcinogens. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has included it in the list of so-called priority toxicants, i.e. the substances constituting the greatest hazard to human health.

The tire dust, coming from tire wear, in contant with lungs, causes allergic reactions, asthma, and in contact with the mucous membranes and skin - conjunctivitis, nasal catarrh and urticaria. According to American scientists, 900.000 tons of dust get to the USA into the atmosphere in a year.

The doctors say that contrast shower hydrotherapy is very useful. Vitamins don't hurt either, especially their balanced complexes.

On top of everything else, daily walk is very desirable.You should hike about five kilometers a day. It is enough to keep yourself in good shape and stand against "automobile" ailments.

It is necessary to change the air filter in time, because the dirty filter leads to the ingestion of malignant bacterias to human organism. It is better to choose an air conditioner or fan instead of open windows, but not to reduce the temperature too much in the passenger compartment and not to direct air flow up to you. And be sure to change the air filter more often, while driving in an environmentally dirty regions.