Who are get tired more: the freight handlers or drivers?: hottest auto news, auto news today
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Who are get tired more: the freight handlers or drivers?

Medical professionals from the American Medical Research Foundation in Oklahoma claim: driver's organism gets tired as much as the freight handler's one for a whole working-day driving just one hour through the busy city streets. The reason is that the driver have constantly to be in an intense sedentary pose and endure a hard load on the same muscle groups : the shoulder girdle, wrists, shanks, feet, neck and lower back. Very unprofitable engine vibration, limit of the shoulder joint flexibility, constant noise, light, but still overloads during speeding up, braking and steering... So here it is unpleasant psychophysiological “mix”, which constantly and imperceptibly affects the motorist slowly shaking his nervous and cardiovascular systems. And the same true with the muscles, it is quite a difficult strength test for them. By the way, the coaches of the legendary racing pilots "Formula One World Championship" have long noticed the harmful vehicle effects on the human organism. Although, the overloads during the racing aren't comparable with the usual driving stress, we, mere mortals, can learn something from "formula drivers".