Seat heater could leave you with no kids!: review of the auto market, fresh auto news
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Seat heater could leave you with no kids!

Today, most of new cars, especially with leather seats, are equipped with the heater of front seats. The German urologist Herbert Sperling, and then the American scientists have confirmed that heater is extremely dangerous for men. So what is the danger in? Heated seat cushions not only make warm the driver's buttocks, but also raise the temperature of the genitals. The normal temperature of the male genitals is 93,2 - 95,9 degrees. So it is no wonder the nature arranged that android glands are placed outside the body and are in especially "constructed" body part, regulating their temperature, which should be 35,6 - 36,5 degrees below the overall body temperature. Only then, men can reproduce their own kind. And when the seat heater is forced on, unfavorable conditions are created for the germ cells maturation and differentiation. So here it is - you should use seat heater as little as possible. It is better to heat the seat before you will sit on it.