Medicines you must have in your car first aid kit: review of new cars, review of used cars
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Medicines you must have in your car first aid kit

Metamizole sodium. It has anti-inflammatory properties. The medicinal product is used for the treatment of headaches and neuralgia pains or traumas. It has a four-year shelf life.

Validol. It has calming and vasodilatory action. It is used for the treatment of neuroses, angina pectoris, and also it is used as antiemetic and anti motion-sickness agent. The tablet should be placed under the tongue until the dose is absorbed. Shelf life is 3 years.

Nitroglycerin. It eases sharp chest pains. The administration is validol similarly.

Potassium permanganate. The liquor is pink. It is used for gastric lavage in case of toxication. The red liquor is used for anointing of body area affected by a burn. It has an unlimited shelf life.

Aqueous ammonia. It is used for people fallen into a faint. To emerge someone from faint you should put a piece of cotton wool or a handkerchief to his/here nose. The shelf life is unlimited.

A tincture of iodine. It is used as an antiseptic agent for abrasions or cuts. It is stored for 5 years.

Baking powder. It is used as a gargarism, as well as gastric lavage in case of toxication. Date of expiry - 10 years.

Activated carbon. This med is an adsorbent and used in cases of toxication. The shelf life is unlimited.

But don't forget that all drugs may cause harmful consequences at the wheel, for example such as: loginess, drowsiness, frantic excitement, distort the reality, poor eyesight, etc.

For example tranquilizers possess calming (or sedative) effect. Mainly, they cause drowsiness or loginess. Antinaupathic drugs have similar effect, this is due to the high conсentration of sleeping pills in their composition.

A serious danger for the driver are drugs that contain atropine - it worsens vision for a while. It includes Aeron, Belloidum. Remember, if you instill eye drops with atropine, causing mydriasis (for example, in the ophthalmiatrics), in any case, you shouldn't drive for a week at least!

Сough lozenges, consisting of codeine, are contraindicated to the driver.

Antihistamines (or allergy medications) seriously worsen the adequate faculty of reception situation.

So take meds wisely, and best of all, be always in good health!