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Credit: / USautoportal
A useful experiment made by American policeman

On the basis of this experiment, a social video was shot and American Forsyth County Sheriff's Office posted it in social media. During the week this movie gained nearly 4,5 million views. Policemen decided to go for this experiment after several deaths happened in the cars with closed people. So, the policeman put in hot car with the closed windows for about 25 minutes. When he got into it, the temperature was already around 96,8 ° F. And he immediately started to sweat. It took only seven minutes when his pulse rate has doubled. After 15 minutes of being in the car Robin said that he began to feel himself as if he would be sick. By the end of the experiment the temperature inside of passenger compartment reached almost 52 ° C, while the temperature on the dashboard 80 ° C was fixed. When the heart rate of policeman reached 151 beats per minute, the policemen realized that he was on the verge of heat stroke. The police officers wanted more people to know about it. After all, automobilists need to understand that if an adult and strong man barely withstood this load, how it will be awfully for a child or eldery person to go it through . Also, according to the police, you shouldn't left your pets in a hot car.