Tips to avoid falling asleep at the wheel: tips from experienced drivers, review of the market of passenger cars
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Tips to avoid falling asleep at the wheel


The most simple, reliable and also a free way of communication with passengers. Nothing enhances the brain activity as an interesting conversation. The most important thing is not to get involved with it and give all necessary attention to the road. Another plus of communication with a passenger that he will be able to notice your sleepy state with slow reaction.


If there is no possibility of mutual communication, take any audio files with you. It could be your favorite music hits or something outside of the box, sparking interest from the music recommended by your friends to audiobooks with detectives. Just be sure to check beforehand that the record really invigorates. Even very beautiful classical music or monotonous reading of the most fascinating novel could even backfire. If you listen your favorite music and it doesn't help to cheer up, you can sing along. And the louder, the better. This has a quite simple explanation: singing loudly, the lungs start to work more actively, more oxygen comes to the blood and the whole organism wakes up. And remembering the words and melody, you stimulate brain activity.


Tonic beverages (tea, coffee, hot chocolate) likely to energise. But they affect in different ways. Natural stimulants also includes ginseng, eleuterococus, magnolia-vine. Effective tonic duration is not very long, and on the average they are "work" no more than 2 hours. Effect of many "Energy drinks" is based on the same caffeine, including various "additives": guarana extract, taurine and various vitamins and useful acids. Their effect starts faster and actively in comparison with natural adaptogens and can last more longer. Their effect on the organism is very individual, and if you tried something and it had no effect, it is better to change the ingredients. It helps to remember that energy drinks are destructive to health, even the producers of such drinks warn : it is not recommended to drink more than three portions a day. Energy drinks with high concentration of caffeine arouse the nervous system, increase heart rate, blood pressure. US doctors found - high levels of caffeine and taurine have negative effect on heart. And Australian experts came to the conclusion: sorts of the most popular energy drinks which are sugar-free increase the risk of blood clots, heart attack and blood stroke. So it's up to you decide take it or not.


Many truckers take some snacks along : crackers, seeds, nuts, small candies (preferably with bright taste). Their consumption allows to prescind for a while from the monotonous road, because additional tasks make organism more active. The same method is also suitable for ordinary drivers. The most important thing is not to overeat - a sense of fullness easily provokes drowsiness.

Electronic alarm devices of fatigue

Some modern, new cars have systems that can warn the driver about his fatigue and suggest to take rest when the change of movement and control of the car happen. More common warning system of lane change support saved already several lives: drivers woke up from a sound when they went in the oncoming lane or on the roadside. If you don't have such equipment in your car, you can buy the sensors of alarm fatigue. Externally, these devices are similar to the headset Bluetooth. Device reads out the head movements and if you start to nod, it makes a bing.

Attention concentrating

If you begin to feel drowsiness, you can cheer up with attention concentrating. Thus, it is better to adopt the correct pose ( slightly to straighten the back rest, place the hands on the wheel in the position of "quarter to three"). Try to consciously acquire the entire traffic information, focus on different tasks (count the poles or signs define the oncoming car brands cars, etc.) But you shouldn't concentrate only on one thing (such as a "running-away" marking lines) it can lull asleep. Concentration on the small details reduces the monotony of traffic.