Stress while driving not a problem anymore: short tips for motorists, tips for drivers
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Stress while driving not a problem anymore

The stress of driving in megalopolis is comparable with the tension, arising during the parachute jump, - the American scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology came to such conclusion. Together with experts from Audi company, they measured the biometrics data of the automobilists during everyday driving in the megapolis, and compared these data with measurements made in other situations. In 2011 the MIT experts in cooperation with Audi experts created the system named as “ Road frustration index” (RFI) which became the core of the study. As a result, the driver can get to know in real time a top list of roads in different parts of the United States: the program generates a single characterization for the site, based on factors such as weather conditions, driver's behavior and the number of accidents.

As part of study, researchers monitored the drivers' condition by means of special equipment installed in the automobile. It included skin, mimic sensors, GPS-receivers, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras as well as a motion sensor. The authors of reasearch, by dint of this equipment, measured the stress indicators of people during the driving cars, as well as during other activities in order to make the results of the study were more various. The obtained data were simply astonishing. For example, it became clear that the situation when the driver abruptly is сut off by the other vehicle is comparable with parachute jump with the level of arising stress. The preliminary part of the research was conducted for 12 months in Boston. The test route consisted of various types of roads, such as the busy highways and quiet suburban streets, as well as different situations, such as movement in a traffic jam or a travel with the car navigator on unfamiliar territory. The results were summed up by dint of questionnaire for drivers and data obtained from the equipment. Today, car companies approach the issue of stress reduction for the drivers and practically speaking: in 2012, Ford company has announced about the development of the biometrical complex, which will capture the biometric indicators of the driver to determine his level of organism workload. The system will inform the driver about any displacement to optimize driving process. In some cases, the complex will even place at its option the driver's mobile phone in mode of "Do not disturb".