The most unpleasant diseases that complicate the life of motorists: review of the auto market, auto news
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The most unpleasant diseases that complicate the life of motorists

Hemorrhoid — "a dirty trick" of nature

Terrible word as the disease itself, causing small pelvis severe pains. It is believed that the hemorrhoid is an ailment of the men. Turns out that it is inaccurate statement. Women have to visit a doctor too. The disease may come out in pregnancy, shortly after the act of delivery and before menses. Drivers face with such ailment due to sedentary life. In addition, overweight, chronic constipations, addiction to certain types of products (smoked, spicy, spicy, salty and alcohol) affect on the developing of hemorrhoid. For hemorrhoid prevention it is necessary to hike, do sport, follow the diet and personal care as often as possible.

Overweight is a challenge of modern society

The processes, occurring in our body, are cyclical and interdependent. The overweight may cause such diseases like heart problems, high blood pressure, hemorrhoid, cellulite. The incoming food enriches our organism with energy, which compensates the physical and mental efforts. When we are at the wheel, motionless, the gained energy is almost not consumed. So here the "beer belly" and the first signs of obesity come. US researchers have proved that the long-term being at the wheel has impact on the developing of obesity. According to the exact results: every 30 minutes you spend at the wheel, the probability of adipopexia increases by 4%. At this time, if the driver doesn't hike on distances up to 1,2 mi every day, after hours of daily driving, the same 30 minutes being at the wheel increases the probability to 10%.