Skin diseases among the automobilists and their causes: the bast reviews of cars, auto news of the day
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Skin diseases among the automobilists and their causes

As a part of the study, scientists were examined the health of nearly a thousand people, driving a car. The incidence of skin tumors and their localization on the body were analyzed among the drivers. It turned out that its number and localization are directly related to the area of the body which most often was affected by the sun exposure. Moreover, the development of tumors didn't depend directly on sunlight and its burns, but on the cumulative effects of UV rays. The tumors appeared on the left side of the face, neck and right hand more often. Thus, those motorists risk their health more often, who have to spend a long time at the wheel, travel long distances, finding themselves under the influence of strong sunlight for a long time. The scientists say that in several years of such driving, the risk of skin cancer increases among the drivers in comparison with the risk for the ordinary person.

The good news is that producer companies of auto glass mostly offer dual laminated glass, which don't pass through the UV rays both type A and type B. It is necessary to use such glasses, then the harmful effects of sunlight on the human skin is reduced. In addition, the researchers advise the drivers to look after their skin: if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, it is important to take care of the skin with the help of well-chosen protection remedies against ultraviolet rays to prevent sunburns because they double risk of disease.