Healthy eating rules for motorists: review of prices for cars, auto news from the whole world
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Healthy eating rules for motorists

Sometimes we should spend several hours a day while driving and in the evening we have a strong feeling of abdominal distension, headache, irritation, and after a while problems with the stomach starts, constipation(dyschezia). In order to avoid these discomforts, we have to breakfast at home. Take 1.5 liter bottle with pure non-carbonated water with you, also you can take a small juice package, for example orange and it will provide you with energy for the whole day. If you spring out the house without having breakfast, take with you a bottle of yogurt with fruit pieces and wholemeal buns. It is possible to keep stick-typed baked products or packet with unsalted crackers in the auto and the water should be always close at hand, especially in the summer. Lack of water may lead to headaches and inattention. If you have to set out on long travels, make a list of products that you will take with you, don't forget to take the essential medicines in case of constipation, indigestion. You should purchase a cooling box for products, which you're going to take with you. It's not recommended to eat salty foods such as chips, salted nuts, etc. on the road, as they only increase hunger. From time to time you need to go out and warm up.