The other most common health diseases among drivers. Part ll: review of used cars, the hottest auto news
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The other most common health diseases among drivers. Part II

Cardiovascular diseases.

Hypertension may be evoked by: stress on the road. Growth of cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease) happens with the increase of stresses and emotional burdens. Even subtle stress can raise a blood pressure. If such effects repeat too often, the pressure has no time to normalize and remains elevated for a long time. If the stress is removed and the pressure has not returned to normal state, in fact, it is possible to talk about the development of hypertension.

Symptoms of hypertension include headache, dizziness, sweating, performance decrement, memory impairment, initial stress, irritability, etc.

What symptoms should have put you on notice: pain in the back of the head, dizziness, shortness of breath, fatigue and weakness.

Measures of prevention: Try not to be nervous in traffic. It is better to turn on the luscious music - it stabilizes the heart rhythm. You should regularly measure the pressure at home. Be sure to carry around all the essential medicines.

Joint issues

At long-distance travels the left footstep is basically immovable, and feels a certain pressure only in case of need. There is uneven load on the foot, joint inflamation can happen and it may cause the develop of flatfoot and other feet diseases. Arthritis — it is redness and toes joints tenderness.

What symptoms should have put you on notice: crepitus, pain and foot swelling.

Measures of prevention: Daily hiking, walking on the gravel-stone, stones gripping, stick rolling by the feet, massage. Taking off shoes at home, in the cold season, it is useful to stretch the feet with the hands and massage the calves. During stops on long travels it would be helpful for you to walk on tiptoe and on the medial and lateral border of foot. You can consult an orthopedist, who will recommend insols or right shoes.


Stagnation of the circulation

Having been in the same position for a long time is lead to slowing circulation of blood, which can cause such diseases as hemorrhoid, varicose veins and abnormalities in the reproductive organs.

What should put you on the alert: vascular spider, aching pain and a burning sensation in the legs, swelling, pain and blood in the bowel movement.

Measures of prevention: sitting in traffic, shift in car seat, clench and unclench your buttocks, move your feet to disperse the blood. Every three hours you need to stop, get out of the car and do the gymnastics which will help to restore the blood circulation. You can do knee bends for several times, bends of the head in different directions, and raise, move down the arms, bend and unbend elbows.