The most common health diseases among drivers: review of new cars, reviews and test drives of cars
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The most common health diseases among drivers

Common cold

Runny nose, sore throat, inits and the most insidious - pneumonia. The reason of the common cold can be the open windows and draughts. Common cold arises because of the difference of atmospheric temperature. For example when it is hot in the street, air conditioner makes a lower temperature inside of a car. Or in the winter, after the passenger compartment is heated, the driver goes in the cold at once. Prevention: Don't open more than one window, don't jump out from the car being underclad. Direct air conditioner up or toward your feet, not in smb.'s face. Dress for the weather, not for the car.

Eye lesion

Pinkeye (Conjunctivitis) a sandy-gritty sensation, an ocular allergy, eye muscle overexertion.

May be caused by: flickering light and shadow, all sorts of trinkets on a mirror, tinted glass, tobacco smoke, dust, exhaust, acrid vapors from low-quality cleaning agents for glass.

What symptoms should have put you on notice: reddening and smarting eyes, eye strain.

Prevention: Don't hang up the various trinkets on the rear-view mirrors, more often shake the ashtrays, remove the dust and vacuum clean in the passenger compartment, remove too dark tinted film from the glass. Choose sunglasses with high quality lenses.

Spine diseases

Cervical and lumbar osteochondrosis is common disease among drivers. It may catch up with herniated disc and sciatic nerve entrapment, believe me - it hurts like hell.

May be caused by: constant shaking, sitting in the bent position (in the pose of "banana"). Correctly chosen height of the steering wheel plays a key role in a comfortable driving.

What symptoms should have put you on notice: neck pain, back pain, headache, the back and legs muscle fatigue, numbness of fingers.

Prevention: It is necessary to adjust the steering wheel and car seat and also adjust the mirror so as to sit up comfortably, bearing against the headrest, and watching the traffic , not to turn out the neck, put a cushion under your lower back. The correct spinal curvature is in the shape of the letter «S». If your trips are long, make stops for every 3 hours and flex your muscles: hike, swing your hands, twist your hips, make inclines.