Things you should carry around at the time of driving: the bast reviews of cars, tips for motorists beginners
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Things you should carry around at the time of driving

1. First aid kit – it's most important thing driver should pay attention to. It is not advisable to save on first aid kit, it must consist of:

Bleeding control remedies (tourniquet, bandage, sticking plaster in a roll, first aid dressing package, medical dressing scarf);

Antiseptics (5% iodine solution);

Pain and heart medications;

Gloves, scissors, pins, etc. ;

Auxiliary medicine products (liquid ammonia, activated carbon, antipyretic, etc.);

Individual medications.

2. Fire Extinguisher – There are a lot of models adapted for use in the car.

3. Emergency Sign - it is important both in case of an accident and a car breakdown on the road. High-visibility vest also should be taken in a long-distance travel.

4. Toolbox. It's always important to have at hand a set of simple tools (screwdrivers, pliers, spanners, etc.)

5. Pump is useful not only for the tire inflation, but also it can help to blow out the carburettor.

6. Spare wheel. There is always a dump on the road, and the threat to rip a tire will be always high.

7. Towing rope should always be in the car by the rules of traffic and indeed to help out someone on the road is always a good thing.

8. In the winter, you should carry around a scraper for removal glasses of ice. And in the summer - cleaning rag for removal of dust.

9. It is also necessary to have a water-supply for different uses.

10. You should always keep a stock of brake fluid, coolant and engine oil in your trunk.