How to adjust the mirrors for a better vision: review of trucks, tips for young motorists
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How to adjust the mirrors for a better vision

The left mirror adjustment

Lean to the left so you could practically touch the window. In this position, adjust the mirror so you could see some part of the back car splash board. When you take the usual driving position, the splash board shouldn't be visible in your mirror.

The right mirror adjustment

Adjusment of the right mirror is performed almost the same as the left. Lean to the right so your head will be at the center. Adjust the right mirror on the same principle as the left one.

The rear-view mirrors adjustment

The set up of the car rear view mirrors is most important, because a driver must see the road behind his car in it. Mirror, which is correctly adjusted should completely coincide with the center of the rear-view window of your car.

Even the best panoramic mirror will be absolutely unnecessary if you do not use it. In order to assess the situation around of your car on the road, you need to look in the rear-view mirrors every 10 - 15 seconds while relaxed driving (on the highway, on the deserted streets) and every 3-5 seconds while driving in heavy traffic

Checking of adjustment

To do so, you need ask someone to walk around your car at a distance not less than 2 meters. At this moment, the driver must be ensured that a person is in the area vision of the mirror. But if a person is disappeared from driver's mirror view, and the blind areas are found, it is necessary to carry out additional adjustment.