8 useful things you may need in your car: tips for young motorists, tips for motorists
Credit: / USautoportal
8 useful car things you may need and which will come in handy

1. Anti glare driving glasses will become the perfect accessory and assistant for your eyes under conditions of low visibility, as well as will serve as protection from the glares of oncoming car headlights.

2. Car air ionizer. Such air cleaner filters the air from car exhausts, especially during long-term being in traffic jams, smoke, dust, and other allergens.

3. Car navigation system will help to get directions to the place of destination in the shortest period of time, in addition, it has full information about blocks on the road.

4. Neck cushion. This air-cushion is must-have, especially during long trips, it ensures correct position of the head, relaxes the neck muscles, and makes it feel comfortable.

5. Car dash camera will realize full video observation of the traffic situation, and will be direct evidence in case of extremal situation on the road.

6. Travel set, which you may need at any time, is requisite for each car. This could include a toothbrush, a comb, a second pair of shoes, even a ground sheet and sleeping bag, just in case.

7. Massage cover for car will take away the feeling of discomfort in the back muscles, and lower back during a long journey.

8. Car cooling box will be very handy in the hot summer. It works from an on-board power sytem of a car, and keeps fresh and cold foods.

Besides, there is one drive life hack we wish to share with you. For motorists who spend most of the time in the car, there is a great way to make your lunch or dinner hot. You need just to turn on the seat heater, put your plastic food box on it, and very soon it will be warm. Bon Appetit!