Simple driving tips to save the gasoline: tips for motorists on the road, reviews of cars
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Simple driving tips to save the gasoline

1. Keep your car in good repair and proper working order. Cars in bad or accident condition are too heavy on gasoline.

2. Make the travel plan and choose the shortest way to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption.

3. When you turn on the air conditioner, you spend a lot of gasoline. You should economize the air conditioner. If you have climate control equipment, make minimum use. Turn it on, that car interior gets cool, then turn it off and let the fan to circulate the cool air. Never switch on the air conditioner when your windows are opened.

4. Shut the windows while traveling at high speed. Open windows cause additional resistance and increase gasoline consumption. It can cause the fuel consumption even more than the air conditioners with minimum settings.

5. Check the tire pressure. Overinflated tires can actually reduce fuel efficiency, so there is no sense in doing this.

6. The great number of gasoline is consumed, when you sit in traffic jams. If possible, change your morning working travel to a later one or the earlier one,on the contrary, to avoid traffic jams.

8. Try to use the starting engine as few as practicable, in case of sitting in traffic jams. If you are sure that traffic jam can't be jumped for a long period, you can easily stop the engine.

9. You shouldn't overheat the car for a long time, especially the new one. New cars are more adapted to cold starting.

10. Don't drive at high speed, if no picking up speed is needed.

11. Try to limit the high speeds.

12. After braking, try to pick up speed slowly. The gasoline is used much faster during speed driving.

13. You don't need to fill the tank with an expensive gasoline. Most cars run on regular one as well. Check the gasoline compatibility with your car brand, if you don't know, you can ask for an expert consulting on the forums. Many drivers fill in a regular gasoline, because they believe that expensive one is a waste of money.

14. If your car went into a skid, you shouldn't speed up. Try to drive smoothly on slippery surface.

15. If you need to drive somewhere with in easy reach of the home, it is better to take a bike or just walk.