Winter auto care products: review of trucks, tips from experienced drivers
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Winter auto care products

Engine oil should be changed once a year

Even if the machine was in the garage for a long time you need to change the engine oil. It is the requirement of car engine makers. They believe that if the oil gets into the engine, it starts to change slowly its quality namely acidize, resinify, and become dirty. Even the most high-quality oil can lose its useful properties.


Antigel is a special depressor additive, which prevents diesel fuel freezing in subzero temperatures. Add this auto car product to the summer diesel and it won't freeze even in extreme cold; add the antigel to the winter diesel and its properties will be improved. Antigel is available in two types: conventional and with a special conditioner of metal. You should add antigel to your fuel tank before fueling, so that it disperses properly.


This type of auto care products is also applied on diesel-engined cars. It helps to defreeze the diesel fuel gelling. The defroster is easy to use: fill it in the tank, then you need to wait a little, now you can go.

Easy engine starting fluid

This product will help you in case of difficulties with starting the engine in extreme cold weather. It consists of light-volatile components, even at low temperatures. It's very convenient that this fluid can be sprayed into intake manifold and so it will have maximum effect.

Water remover

Every driver knows that there is no escaping from water accumulation in the fuel tank. Water gets there along with the fuel or condenses with the air. For this reason people use water removers. The effect is achieved thanks to alcohol in the composition of auto fluid. And you can even use it for preventive measures. It would be more reasonable, because already frozen water can lead to fuel clogging.

Lock de icer

Probably, many of you came up against a situation when the car locks were completely frozen and it was impossible to unlock the car door. To solve this problem quickly, you need just sprinkle special de icer on the lock, and the ice will melt. This agent can be used for other purposes. It removes rust as well and has a good oil lubrication effect.

Glass deicing fluid

That kind of product consists of isopropyl alcohol, as well as other components applied for car glasses. When you spread it on the surface the clear-bar is formed, which will protect the car from icing for several days.


These products put up for sale as aerosol sprays or impregnated clothes. The agent reduces drop formation on the glass surface. It means that water will flow down with solid stream without drop formation. As a result, much better vision will be provided, significantly improving the safety while driving in snowy or rainy weather.