Don't take the wheel in the emotion of the moment: tips for young motorists, tips for female drivers
Credit: / USautoportal
Don't take the wheel in the emotion of the moment

One of the most dangerous enemies for the drivers are ... emotions! Both positive and negative, which the driver can't control. The investigation of the events preceding the 40 fatal car accidents conducted by US experts has shown that 31 of the 40 dead drivers faced with emotional stress such as family quarrel, conflict at work and other strong emotions shortly before theirs death.

Being at-risk

The level of skill most of drivers, having even driving experience from 2 to 6 years and number of kilometers driven from 25 to 60 , is several times worse than they know. At the same time it is known that the more self-esteem, the more speed and difficult maneuvers. There is the danger behind it.