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What to do when your hood is opened on the way

At high speed, the hood catch at the front is opened sharply by the air flow, and preventing the view, strongly hit on the side column and windshield, often breaking it. It can make you very nervous and confused, including the fact of driving resistance (the hood works as an aerodynamic brake).

First of all, don't panic. The majority of cars have an aperture between the lower edge of the windshield and the edge of the car for controlling the situation at the front. Try not to brake hard and not to maneuver without urgent necessity because the other drivers mayn't have time to react.

Make sure to switch on the car alarm signaling. Look out the window. Use the road markings as the orienting point. Look in the rear-view mirror to gauge the distance to the vehicle behind. Smoothly braking, pull off the roadway.