Be careful ,driving at night time: latest auto news, tips for drivers
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Be careful, driving at night time

First of all check the lighting units, they should be serviceable and all auto glasses should be clean. You could see the objects more clearly if you wash and dry your windshield as well as rear and side glasses. In the summer, the main factors preventing the clear vision are insect remains on the windshield, and in the autumn-winter season - the rain, snow and ice. Also, wipe the rear-view mirrors and, if necessary, adjust them. Switch from distance lights to dimmed headlights as soon as the distance to the oncoming vehicle will be 150-200 meters.

At the moment of driving a car you shouldn't look at the headlights of oncoming vehicle, there is nothing particularly interesting to be seen, it is better to call attention to the right side of roadway instead. It will make sense to move to the right, increasing car side-on distance to the oncoming vehicle in such a way.

Approaching to inside the road, slope or climb switch to dimlight in advance, because late switching can dazzle the oncoming vehicle, and in result the car accident could happen.

Not only the oncoming vehicle can dazzle you, but the same thing could happen with the vehicle driving behind, especially when it overtakes you with the turned on distance lights . You can give him a signal using the emergency brake lights, but if he still continues to dazzle you from behind, it will be better for you to slow down and pass over this churl.