Driving in foggy conditions: tips for drivers, review of prices for cars
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Driving in foggy conditions

Safe driving in fog requires higher experience than in the rain.Sometimes the fog is so strong, and it creates such a danger, that it is necessary to adjourn a journey and wait patiently for changes in the weather. Fog intensely reduces the field of vision, creates the optical illusion and obstructs the driver’s view in this way. It distorts the object distance and distance to other cars, this is why the speed of car seems small to you, but in fact it moves fast. Fog distorts all colors of object, except red. Therefore, the traffic-actuated signal is red, it is good to be seen in any weather, by the way, the red cars are considered less dangerous.

It is common knowledge that headlights switching on, in conditions of fog, snow or rain leads to visibility reduction. The best solution in such conditions - the usage of fog lights. The fog lights can be made by yourself in one minute. You will need usual lipstick to paint the grid on the headlight glass. The only thing is the men don't take a lipstick with.

Fog has a great influence on psyche: low visibility means to be in steady stress. The eyes are subject to intense strain and it influences on driver's ability to react on changes in driving situations. Choosing the road in the fog, it is easy to make a mistake .

In the fog conditions you should:

- Reduce the speed

- Drive with the dimmed headlights, because it better illuminates the road than the distance one;

- Switch on the rear fog lamps together with the tail lamps;

- Switch on the wind-screen wipers;

- Switch on the heating, ventilation and conditioning system as well as electric heater of rear window, in case of window misting;

 - Take the central position between road marking lines if possible;

- It is also possible look to sidewalk, curb and especially to a solid white line markings on the road, indicating the edge of the roadway;

- It is better to keep the driver's window open, in that way you could hear the noise of other vehicles;

- Use klaxon horn from time to time, especially on the rural road.


In the fog conditions you shouldn't:

- Approach to another car very closely;

- Use the rear lights of the car which is in front of you as a guide, it will create a false representation of the distance and speed;

- Stare fixedly in front of self — the eyes get tired quickly, and it leads to lacrimation and weak sight;

- Park your car within the limits of the road;

- Drive closely to the longitudinal marking, thus it can create a dangerous situation;

  • Try to pass a fog patch in the lowland on the road. It is in this area objects and people can be hidden by fog ;

  • Try to outpace ahead vehicle - it is riskily and dangerous.

Don't forget about these car facts during the foggy driving and it will be nothing worry about.