Watch out while driving in icy condition of roads: the hottest auto news, tips from experienced motorists
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Watch out while driving in icy condition of roads

In winter, every car, which is even well prepared can't keep you out in full from unforeseen situation. The worst thing that can happen while car driving is the loss of traction during the black ice, and due to this most of drivers start to press the panic button and lose their self control. In such situations it is really important to calm down and concentrate. In icy conditions the most important thing is proper use of brake pedal. You should by no means constantly press on the pedal, waiting until your car will stop, you can definitively lose control on the contrary. In this case, it is necessary to be able to combine the engine braking and hard abrupt pressings the brake pedal. All you need is reduction of speed without losing of control, only in such a case it is possible to obtain the looked-for result. Braking, it is also recommended not to use the steering wheel - this is the same for dry paving asphalt, and also the black ice ground even more so.

The most dangerous place on the road in winter is the space in 40-50 meters before the road intersection. This is where dozens of cars brake for a red traffic light, at 2-3 minute intervals. As a result, on a frosty day the bit of road before the intersection is rolled to the state of the “treadmill”. And it's understandably, that stop in such a place is not an easy task. So, approaching to the intersection, don't hold back on the braking until the last seconds. It is better to drop speed to 10-15 km / h and slow down in advance not closer than 100-150 m, in such case being able both to stop quickly on any surface, and to slip the intersection, pressing on the gas pedal at the allowing traffic light.