First snow has fallen? - It's time to remember the defensive driving procedures.: review of trucks, fresh auto news
Credit: / USautoportal
Defensive driving procedures during the snowfall

In the period of snow driving try to stir abroad a bit earlier and you will have ample time to clean all car glasses and mirrors. Be sure to check that windscreen wipers operate correctly. Don't forget to clean the headlamps, if you want it lights more glare and the other drivers could clearly see you during a snowfall. Try to choose the optimum speed, and don't forget that grip of wheels with snow is low. If you drive on deep snow, try to do it easy and without any stops. Remember about maintenance of distance, as preceding vehicle you may meet with an accident and it will be difficult for you to do moose test for reasons of space. You mustn't brake hard under any circumstances, or the vehicle breaking away can happen. If you need pull over the verge, then reduce speed in advance. The vehicle breaking away can happen in hard ride, as the right auto wheels will stick in the snow and brake the driving, and the left wheels conversely will roll forward. Be careful when you drive behind big cars (full-size). After all, such cars raise the powder snow and thereby deteriorate the visibility, therefore, you should increase the distance or, if possible, get ahead it. Winter is artful, but it is nothing to worry about. Good luck!